Deployed ICT Transition: “FVEY” Mission Partner Environment

Insitec, in partnership with Fujitsu, supported transition of the Deployed ICT Mission Partner Environment (MPE) as responsibility for system sustainment passed to the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) of the Australian Department of Defence, in 2021.

MPE is Australia’s primary warfighting system for FVEY operations. Services had to be transitioned without disruption to functionality and performance.

The challenge

Australia’s MPE is a dedicated network that enables Defence to share information securely between the  Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence alliance which comprises the joint forces of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States.

In the past, Australia and its partners worked on networks that could not be connected, resulting in problems with effective information sharing and double handling of data.

The MPE enables partner nations to use their own networks but also seamlessly share information between them so that decision making is far more efficient. Initially established as an interim solution under Joint Project 2221 (Multi-National Information Sharing),it is one of four key networks in Defence’s deployed ICT environment which provide essential command, control, situational awareness, and allied/partner interoperability services for ADF personnel serving on deployed operations and exercises.

Insitec and Fujitsu continue to provide sustainment support and ad-hoc project support post-transition.

Our solution

  • Maintaining functionality and performance during the transition process was critical.
  • Retrofitting support protocols MPE was designed as an interim solution and many of the support processes needed for long-term operation had yet to be established. These were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing restrictions creating logistical challenges for the transition team.
  • Rapid startup Network access was not available until half-way through the transition project. This demanded rapid handover from the original builders and an intense effort from the incoming Insitec-Fujitsu team to develop the depth of understanding needed to effectively support and maintain the system from day one.

The result

Insitec is renowned for its infrastructure design expertise, technical versatility and can-do approach. The nine-member Insitec team was carefully chosen for its breadth of skill, particularly with legacy systems. Physical site access, and the ability to collaborate, was constrained by the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing constraints.

Insitec also provided input into the development of cross-functional services to facilitate an uplift of process maturity from the operative date. Flexibility ensured that the overarching schedule was met, but specific activities were adapted and tailored to suit changing awareness of the environment and its requirements.