Cyber security & resilience

Insitec’s cyber security practice is focused on strengthening cyber resilience in our client networks by combining in depth defence strategies with the ability to quickly and effectively recover if a system is compromised.

Risk management, cost effectiveness and minimal loss strategies are central to our approach. We have access to multi vendor technologies and can assist you find the right solution.

Insitec’s Cyber Resilience Solutions look at the existing and emerging risks to your business. We conduct automated penetration testing, user vulnerability experiments and benchmark your existing environment, returning a score measuring the real and persistent threats to your business. We also ensure your recovery and restoration processes and technologies are reliable, consistent and robust.

Insitec helps select, install, run and maintain cyber security products to protect against core risks, using either an on-premises solution, or by utilising our exclusive cloud offerings offered in conjunction with our ASD certified cloud partners

Insitec’s long experience in high security domains also lets us understand the specific security needs of your organisation so we can keep your data safe. Often, the biggest single risk to security comes from system users and organisations with an effective security culture are more security resilient. Insitec can help you build a cybersafe culture in your organisation, with proven policy and procedure solutions, and helps build and effective staff training and education. 

We can assist you to meet compliance and accreditation requirements including NIST800-171/53, ISM 2018, ISO27002 standards, and compliance with relevant data and private legislation, including Australia’s notifiable data breach Act, HIPAA and GDPR.


  • Risk assessment
  • Minimal loss and recovery
  • Audit and forensic
  • Networking and Endpoint Security