About Insitec

Insitec is Australia’s experienced edge in the digital world and a vital link in the nation’s ICT backbone.

Founded in 2001, the Insitec Group has four main operating divisions:

  • Insitec ICT – our core information technology engineering and networking business
  • Insitec MIS – our world-leading Military, Intelligence and Space Systems hub
  • Insitec Cyber Resilience – our cyber security and resilience unit
  • The Network – our specialist technology talent recruitment division


We have built a leading team of 150+ technical staff to support our clients with expert solutions in information technology, systems integration, information management, business process automation, security and support from our operating centres in Canberra and Melbourne.

Our portfolio of intelligent and practical solutions has cemented our reputation as an ICT industry leader and an expert technology partner for all branches of the Australian Defence Force. In 2020, our contribution and commitment to Defence led us to launch the dedicated Insitec MIS – Military, Intelligence and Space Systems.

As an expert knowledge hub, Insitec MIS is leading the implementation and integration of future-focused IT capabilities to support critical tactical and operational systems on and off the battlefield. Insitec is an accredited member of the Department of Defence Information Communications Technology Partner Arrangement (ICTPA). The Insitec Group also develops its own proprietary products and solutions to support emergency services networks across the country.

Insitec has partnered with Australian Defence for more than 20 years. Our experience with classified information and communications systems for the battlefield gives us the edge when it comes to engineering intelligent business systems for corporate and government enterprises and innovative solutions for emergency services.

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As innovators and trusted technology providers, we’ve delivered some of Australia’s most complex and critical IT systems. We have the people, services, products and platforms to drive outstanding results for our clients. Talk to our team about how we can help your business.