Digital technology is moving at light speed and Insitec has the people, services, products and platforms to design, build and maintain your critical IT infrastructure and communications systems.

Our team of 150+ technical staff use creativity and innovation to harness the digital tools that help our clients boost productivity, reduce risk and solve complex operating problems.

We have built our reputation on 20 years of performance in the design, delivery and management of large-scale IT solutions for government and industry and secure systems for defence.

How we work

Our qualified, experienced IT engineers build and deploy the infrastructure that powers mission-critical systems across government and enterprise. Using a top-down design methodology, we ensure that the individual components and layers of a system work harmoniously with the overall architecture.

We focus on creating future-proof systems that are robust, sustainable and flexible to evolve as our client’s needs change. Most importantly, they are completely targeted at achieving better business performance.

Working closely with our clients, we provide capability, knowledge, skills and experience to maximise data and unlock business potential, allowing our clients to focus on their core business, with confidence in their ICT environment.

Our architects use the world-leading TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Standard and Department of Defence Architecture Framework ( DoDAF ) to design robust, secure and elegant solutions for the most complex business problems.

We draw on the products and expertise of world class partners.

Combining our depth of skill, experience and talent, the Insitec Group provides a complete spectrum of IT services and operations including: