Australian Tactical Coordination




AusTAC represents an advanced Tactical Edge Command and Control (C2) Coordination and Battle Management system, born out of the lessons learned during the 2019/2020 bushfire crisis.

Primarily designed to streamline emergency response efforts, it functions as a comprehensive tool for coordinating Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions.

While retaining its Battle Management Systems (BMS) literacy training capability, AUSTAC’s primary focus lies in facilitating efficient coordination and response during critical HADR situations and support to training missions.

Tactical Edge C2 Coordination

AusTAC enables real-time tactical coordination, fostering seamless communication and decision-making in dynamic environments, particularly prioritizing HADR missions.

HADR Mission Coordination

Specifically tailored for emergency service coordination during HADR scenarios, AusTAC streamlines collaboration and response efforts in crisis situations.

Adaptability & Digital Literacy

Beyond military applications, AusTAC remains an adaptable tool, assisting emergency services in mastering digital command and control technologies for enhanced response capabilities.

Integrated Simulation & Tactical Planning

Providing training literacy tools with integrated simulation capabilities, AusTAC assists in tactical operational planning and data integration for effective decision-making.

Real-Time Tracking & Visualization

Offers real-time tracking, 3D terrain visualization, standardized ADF reporting and orders, and easy creation and dissemination of mission overlays and orders, prioritizing their relevance in HADR scenarios.

Versatile Deployment & Operation

Available in hand-held, desktop, and on-the-move variants, including remote satellite operation from a handset, ensuring adaptability and flexibility in crisis environments.

Always-On Resilience

Maintaining an "always-on" capability, AusTAC ensures resilience, robustness, and redundancy for operations critical in HADR missions.

Sovereign Capability

Developed as a 100% sovereign capability, AusTAC signifies Australia's commitment to self-reliance and technological innovation in emergency response scenarios.

The Insitec team has extensive experience in systems architecture, systems integration and state-of-the-art electromagnetically aware, mobile computing and C2 software systems designed to meet the complex and ever-changing environment of tactical electronic warfare.

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    Originating from lessons learned during bushfire responses, AusTAC represents an advanced yet accessible Tactical Edge C2 Coordination and Battle Management solution, prioritizing its utility in critical disaster response situations.

    HADR Mission Prioritisation

    AusTAC prioritizes HADR mission coordination, offering enhanced efficiency and coordination during critical disaster relief efforts.

    Adaptability & Timely Response

    Designed for quick deployment and adaptable to rapidly evolving HADR situations, ensuring timely and effective responses during crises.

    Multi-Mission Capabilities

    While focused on HADR, AUSTAC retains versatility for usage across multiple mission types.

    User-Friendly Interface

    Intuitive interface catering to users involved in emergency services, fostering accessibility and ease of use even in high-stress situations.



    Insitec has a proven track record of delivering C4I Systems Engineering and Integration solutions in the Land, Maritime and Cyber Domains. Our past performance includes successful projects involving the design, development, and deployment of advanced C4I systems for tactical communications, battlefield situational awareness, and command and control for the Australian Army Tactical Battle Management System.