Enterprise systems design & architecture

Insitec has a holistic approach, providing leadership and advisory for business architecture and program planning ensuring the right technology for the right purpose. Engage with us when your program is starting to take shape, and Insitec’s experts will be there to guide and support the process to achieve the best business outcome.

Balancing short-term priorities with long-term goals, we focus on creating future-proof systems that are able to evolve and keep pace with our client’s needs and deliver sustained return on investment into the future. 

Our architects use the world-leading The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and Department of Defence Architecture Framework (DoDAF) to design robust and elegant solutions for the most complex business problems.

Infrastructure Architecture

Our infrastructure architecture extends from initial scoping and project definition through to design and implementation. Our architects have extensive experience in server, network and storage technologies, specialising in the Hypervisor operating system and database technologies.

Rollout and Migration Planning

Our architects guide the implementation process to ensure a successful outcome, from the deployment of servers across an enterprise, the migration of a datacentre, or the transition of a line of business system.

Business Application Architecture

Insitec has extensive design and implementation experience in the information domain. We design and implement meta-data structures, business processes, security models and digital transformations to address business priorities.

Cyber Architecture

Cyber Architecture includes both the technological elements of cyber resilience – such as network security, host security and endpoint security – as well as the procedural elements such as information security documentation, risk management and threat analysis.