Interim Battle
Management System

Insitec has been engaged by Army to work within the Interim Battle Management System (iBMS) team led by the Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC) and supported by the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). Insitec provided project management and systems integration services supporting the leadership, design, training and integration aspects of the project.

Insitec has been commended for its delivery of the iBMS Project, which is the fastest acquisition and deployment of an interim capability into service across Defence.

Aggressive timeline

Given the operational necessity for the iBMS to be adopted by the Land Army, an aggressive timeline applied, for both the Commonwealth and industry, with the first IOC in August 2022. Given a potential Effective Date of mid-February 2022, the LNIC needed an experienced, agile, and responsive SI to meet the ever-changing environment through to IOC.

Multiple partners and suppliers

Army’s tactical BMS is essential to operational effectiveness of the land force and is a high-profile program. Collaboration and mission focus between all stakeholders was essential in achieving project success. As the Prime, Insitec effectively managed two sub-contractor companies throughout the duration. of the project.

Technical and domain competence, agility, and risk reduction

Our deep understanding of Army tactical BMS requirements, the LNIC organisation and the ICT iBMS architecture enabled us to be a safe set of hands, reducing risk for the Commonwealth. We have direct relevant knowledge and skills of tactical C3, are highly agile and can commence work immediately. This reduced risk and lessened the burden for finite LNIC resources as they are not required to pick up the slack or micro-manage our responsibilities. This is particularly relevant given the short timeframe to IOC1.

Trusted relationship with iBMS OEM, Systematic

We have invested in the Systematic relationship and SitaWare product knowhow since 2017. Insitec has developed deep technical, domain and commercial expertise of SitaWare, the software core of iBMS. We have invested in SDKs and SitaWare training courses to qualify developers and trainers and participated on field exercises with SitaWare, such as the Autonomous Warrior series, Ex Talisman Sabre and COAC courses.

Trusted Relationships with Key Platform and Communications Primes/OEMs

Insitec maintains strong business relationships with the combat and protected vehicle and platform OEMs such as Hanwha, Thales and Rheinmetall. For tactical communications, we have also worked closely with L3Harris and Boeing. These relationships have been built from business we have done together which has also resulted in a deeper technical understanding. This close working relationship with the Primes will serve us well as SI for the iBMS program going forward. Effective communications, collaboration and alignment with the Primes and OEMs will be key to the success of the iBMS program

Agnostic to vendor products

While we have a deep understanding of the SitaWare product, we are architecturally focused on what products and services offer the most effective solution and value for money for the end customer. a) We focus on what’s the best product set for the mission b) Team Janus has earned a strong reputation for outstanding architecture, systems integration, and delivery in Defence programs.

After 18 months of dedicated work, limited resources and tight timelines, Insitec has successfully reached Initial Operational Capability 2 (IOC2) for the Australian Army’s most technologically advanced, tactically deployable military computer network (iBMS).

Insitec has delivered on schedule and budget as Systems Integrator (SI) for the iBMS Project. Insitec has been commended for its delivery of the iBMS Project, which is the fastest acquisition and deployment of an interim capability into service across Defence.

iBMS is Army’s most technologically advanced and tactically deployable military computer network. It is the hardware and software that underpins the Australian Army’s ability to conduct operations. The modular capability will be integrated into Army’s various platforms and deployed across multiple scenarios.

iBMS has successfully met the intent of the Defence Strategic Review (DSR) with the focus on tactical enablement of formation Headquarters, especially HQ 1st Division and the three Brigade Headquarters. The system also improves communication and coordination within Army and between the land, sea, air, space, and cyber elements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The system features interactive Commercial/Military Off the Shelf (CoTs/MoTs) improvements providing cutting edge BMS Solutions which will be rapidly deployable and easily scaled to meet Army’s needs in the future. With more than 18 months of experience leading the iBMS project for Army, Insitec is well placed to continue to grow its SI role in support of the BMS project into the future.