PROTOS is a secure Enclave as a Service platform for customers that need to keep a high level of data protection that complies with Australia’s standards for Protected or Official: Sensitive security levels.

Prebuilt Environment

Virtual Desktop as a Service, Published Applications and Security within an Info Sec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Cloud Environment

Baked in Security

Compliant with E8, ISM and NIST-800-171

Scalable Subscription Model

Service-Based Offering, pay per month model

Backed by the Pros

Built and managed by a seasoned Systems Integrator with 20+ years of industry experience

Cyber Security Team on Tap

Security Operations Centre works with the platform provider to daily monitor and manage the environment

Home Grown Hosting

Within sovereign Australian Hosted Servers

Growth Mindset

Cyber Security maturity process

(Discover – Control – Mature)

    PROTOS offers the best possible combination of Security and Flexibility, capable of supporting all applications requiring a Secure Virtual Enclave, from information management to workflow.

    PROTOS is custom-made, implementing Solution Structure Levels 1-3. Insitec has developed a Cyber Security Self-Assessment, allowing you to determine what Solutions Structure Levels need to be implemented to enhance your Cyber Security posture.

    PROTOS has been created by Cyber Security Professionals with 20+ years’ experience and is fully managed in-house and on-shore by Insitec.

    Rapid Deployment Technologies allow for solutions to be provided quickly and deployed automatically based on secure images built inside PROTOS.

    Partnering with a range of IRAP assessed cloud providers, Insitec has tailored a powerful and comprehensive solution that is IRAP ready and fully compliant with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Information Security Manual (ISM) framework.

    Get in touch to find out more about PROTOS and secure the future of your business.