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Interim Battle Management System

Insitec has been engaged by Army to work within the Interim Battle Management System (iBMS) team led by the Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC) and supported by the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). Insitec provided project management and systems integration services supporting the leadership, design, training and integration aspects...

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Objective T7 Upgrade Defence Chief Information Officer Group

The Objective T7 upgrade project was commissioned by the Department of Defence Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) for the Directorate of Information Systems Sustainment. The project upgraded more than 50 hardware servers at regional Australian Defence sites and core data centres, while exponentially improving system performance.

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National Criminal Intelligence System Architecture

The Australian Crime Commission, now known as the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, required a secure software architecture, including a centralised authorisation model, to allow law enforcement agencies from every Australian state and territory to collaborate on a criminal intelligence platform.

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Data Centre Migration for Defence Single Information Environment

Insitec, with partners Accenture and HP, formed a multidisciplinary team to design, build and equip a new scalable Tier 3 data centre for the Australian Department of Defence. The project was critical to achieving Defence infrastructure goals for the Defence Single Information Environment (Defence SIE).

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Sustaining Australia’s “FVEY” Mission Partner Environment

Insitec provides Level 3 Technical Support for the Australian Defence Force’s Deployed ICT Mission Partner Environment (MPE). The sustainment support contract follows successful transitioning of MPE system support, in 2021, and focuses on the provision of efficient combined network infrastructure, communications and end user computing services to more than 35,000...

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Award-winning Objective rollout for Australian Defence

Insitec managed a major software upgrade for Defence, rolling out Objective across 40 servers and more than 35,000 desktops in two days. The Objective system is the largest single application in Australia’s Defence environment supporting a million records per day, over 80,000 users, with zero system wide outages in 16...

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Sovereign capability for Australian Automated Biometric Information System

The Australian Standard Automated Biometric Information System (AS-ABIS) was a technical proof-of-concept for Australia’s Defence Intelligence Agency. The system trialed processing and matching biometric information in Australia, rather than sending it to the US for bulk processing.

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Collaboration leads Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment for Defence

Insitec played a key role in the exploration of a new Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE IIIA), in partnership with Northrop Grumman for the Department of Defence and Australia’s Defence Science Technology Group. The project involved hardware and software specification, installation, configuration, training, and integration with Defence Intelligence, Surveillance and...

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