Insitec managed a major software upgrade for Defence, rolling out Objective across 40 servers and more than 35,000 desktops in two days. The Objective system is the largest application in Australia’s Defence environment supporting a million records per day, over 80,000 users.

The Australian Standard Automated Biometric Information System (AS-ABIS) was a technical proof-of-concept for Australia’s Defence Intelligence Agency. The system trialed processing and matching biometric information in Australia, rather than sending it to the US for bulk processing.

Insitec played a key role in the exploration of a new Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE IIIA), in partnership with Northrop Grumman for the Department of Defence and Australia’s Defence Science Technology Group.

An Australian first software system, that replaces the need to manually connect tactical radio networks on the battlefield, has been unveiled by Insitec following successful field trials in Canberra.